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Writing Workshops

Saturday, July 31

Curiouser and Curiouser:
Creating Compelling Characters

A Bee Hive-designed workshop that takes a deep dive into what makes our characters tick. When we know our characters inside and out, our stories are more robust and genuine. Some of the questions we will ask our characters: What kind of dreams do you have? How do you persuade others to come around to your way of thinking? Who are your friends? What is your home life like? Are you human? 


Kids - ages 11 and up
For first time writers or those on page 250 of their novel

10:00 to 2:00
Please bring lunch
$30 plus tax

(financial assistance available - please inquire)

This workshop will be taking place in the Bee Hive front yard with a
walk around the neighborhood for a lunchtime break.

Please call Bee Hive with questions or to sign up your writer!

So Fun!